Friday, October 25, 2013

Lesson Number 1

Lesson #1: Don't Run on the Balls of your Feet

So I'm about two weeks into running outside and my current goal is to run 2 miles straight. I always jog farther than 2 miles to try and push myself. One day I want to go home, shower, and see that I actually went 3 miles. 

Does it sound like much? Nope, but I have to start somewhere and since I never ran before, except for short sprints for rugby, I need to work on my form. Desperately. How do I know this? I rolled both of my ankles. Yes, both. I have a tendency to walk and run on the balls of my feet. This puts a lot of pressure on my poor ankles and eventually they just couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop my run at my shortest distance ever, 2.2 miles. 

The good news is, Runners World has a great guide for the perfect form. They cover everything from head positioning to feet positioning. Your shoes can also effect your form and inhibit your running, but they have a basic shoe guide that will list what brands and styles are best for your feet based upon a questionnaire. The best part- it's free. 

Time Left: 28 Days
Miles To Go: 59.87

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  1. Keep it up girl! Great seeing you today :) your journey is going to be a good one. Rarely easy :D but always good!

    The #1 rule I always tell new runner friends is that shoes make all the difference. Most running stores in the area will fit you free free (watch you run, have you run on a monitored treadmill, have you do different tests, have you stand on pressure point mats what show where you put more weight on). That way you get the best kind of running shoe for you. There are so many choices and running in the wrong shoe can really ruin your form!